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660607-B21 Hp Xeon Hexa-core E5-2630L 2GHZ Processor Upgrade 660607-B21

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660607B21 Xeon Hexacore E52630L 2GHZ

Hewlett Packard

Package Quantity: 1

Adding a 660607-B21 Xeon Hexa-core E5-2630L 2GHZ from Hewlett Packard helps make your computer feel really brand spanking new. A list of characteristics are hexa-core (6 core) and 7. 20 gt/s qpi. The CPU has got a weight of 2.82 lbs. To be sure that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll provide you some hints before you buy this product. Therefore, you may not be let down after purchasing it also in accordance with the product you need. There's also price comparisons from suppliers we found, to make sure you really receive the best value right now for this amazing item. Brand new 660607-B21 Xeon Hexa-core E5-2630L 2GHZ, add to cart by selecting the link below.


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