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Intel Cpu Xeon 5160 3. 00GHZ FSB1333MHZ 4M FC-LGA6 Tray

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Cpu Xeon 5160 3 00GHZ FSB1333MHZ 4M


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For those wishing to buy a Xeon I have put together some good info. Look at the Cpu Xeon 5160 3. 00GHZ from Intel. The features are bus speed - 1333 mhz, performance index - n/a and processor type - intel xeon. The Xeon CPU has got a weight of 1 lbs. Are you looking at getting a CPU and you are simply looking for the very best value for this on it? Or you wish to know the views of other customers before you buy this product? If that's so you happen to be at the right place. Best deal on Cpu Xeon 5160 3. 00GHZ, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 51001 series, Intels dual-core processor for dual processor (DP) servers and workstations, delivers a new amount of energy-efficient performance from the innovative Intel Core microarchitecture, optimized for low-power, dual-core, 64-bit computing. Combined with the Intel 5000 chipset family and Fully Buffered DIMM (FBDIMM) technology, the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series-based platforms are expected to deliver up to 3 times the performance and 3. 5 times the performance/watt of previous-generation single-core Intel Xeon processors. The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series is ideal for intense computing environments, 32-bit and 64-bit business-critical applications and high-end workstations.


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