Xeon CPU

Intel Cpu Xeon E5450 3GHZ FSB1333MHZ 12M LGA771 Tray

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Cpu Xeon E5450 3GHZ FSB1333MHZ 12M LGA771


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When you look online, it's easier to get better deals on various merchandise. A summary of features are clock speed - 3. 0 ghz, processor type - intel xeon, product type - cpu and bus/core ratio -- 9. It has got a weight of 1 lbs. Best price Cpu Xeon E5450 3GHZ FSB1333MHZ 12M LGA771, add to cart by selecting the link below.

The breakthrough performance, energy efficiency, and reliability of Intel Xeon processor-based server systems make them the ideal choice for all of your data demanding or standard enterprise infrastructure applications. Intel Xeon processor-based servers deliver it all. Supported by a single stable mainstream 2P server platform supporting a range of CPU options for IT flexibility, investment protection and easy migration from dual core to quad-core technologies. Why would you depend on anything else? Intel processor-based servers enable organizations worldwide to do more and spend much less ¿ with outstanding price/performance and broad 64-bit choice across OEMs, operating systems, and applications. Reliable, efficient, proven performance. Put Intel server technology to perform in your datacenter.


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