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Intel Xeon 5120 1. 86 Chz 4M L2 Cache 1066MHZ Fsb LGA771 Active Dual-core Processor

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Xeon 5120 1 86 Chz 4M L2 Cache 1066MHZ


Package Quantity: 1

Maximize your computer functionality by adding a Xeon 5120 1 86 Chz 4M L2 Cache 1066MHZ from Intel. A summary of characteristics are processor type - intel xeon, performance index - n/a and clock speed - 1. 86ghz. It's 3.9" Height x 8.4" Length x 7.2" Width. It has a weight of 2.07 lbs. Intel xeon 5120 1. 86 chz 4m l2 cache 1066mhz fsb lga771 active dual-core processor. I would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a Xeon CPU!

1. 3. Enhanced Intel Speed Step technologies allows a strategy to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency, decreasing average energy consumption and typical heat production. Two total execution cores in 1 processor package provide advancements in simultaneous computing including multi-threaded applications and multi-tasking environments. High-performance front-side bus (FSB) gives dual-processor support for demanding high-performance, volume applications. Dual-core processing efficiently delivers performance while balancing power requirements 2.


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