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Xeon Dual Core 5160 Pass Hs

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Xeon Dual Core 5160 Pass Hs


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When you buy on the internet, it is much easier to get better deals on products. The Xeon Dual Core 5160 manufactured by Intel is the right solution for your computer. The features include bus speed - 1333 mhz, performance index - n/a, processor type - intel xeon and clock speed - 3. 0 ghz. It's 8" Height x 9" Length x 4" Width. It weighs approximately 1.4 lbs. Shopping for the Xeon Dual Core 5160, select the hyperlink below.

Intel Xeon processors give your enterprise the energy to evolve in manageable techniques. Now with dual-core technology, servers depending on Intel Xeon processors provide the built-in standards, stability, and scalability your infrastructure requirements to move your business forward. Intel Dual-Core Xeon processors help protect investment in existing applications and infrastructure via enhanced performance headroom and scalability to basically the most widely deployed 64-bit server platforms.


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