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Intel Xeon E5450 3. 0 Ghz 12M L2 Cache 1333MHZ Fsb LGA771 Passive Quad-core Processor

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Xeon E5450 3 0 Ghz 12M L2 Cache 1333MHZ


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Adding the Xeon E5450 3. 0 Ghz 12M L2 Cache 1333MHZ - a great CPU by Intel makes your server really feel new. A summary of features are processor type - intel xeon, product type - cpu and bus/core ratio -- 9. The barcode (Universal Product Code) for this is 735858198844. The CPU weighs only 1.2 lbs. Xeon e5450 3. 0 ghz. To learn more about this Xeon, click on the button below.

The breakthrough performance, energy efficiency, and reliability of Intel Xeon processor-based server systems make them the ideal choice for all of your information demanding or standard enterprise infrastructure applications. Put Intel server technology to carry out in your datacenter. Supported by a single stable mainstream 2P server platform supporting a range of CPU options for IT flexibility, investment protection and easy migration from dual core to quad-core technologies. Reliable, efficient, proven performance. Why would you depend on something else Intel Xeon processor-based servers deliver it all. Intel processor-based servers enable businesses worldwide to complete more and spend lesswith outstanding price/performance and broad 64-bit choice across OEMs, operating systems, and applications.


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